Makeup Geek Pumpkin Spice Palette – Review & Swatches

Oh Autumn, you’re the most perfect season of them all.
I love your weather – never too warm, never too cold. I love your beautiful colors. I love the smell of wet leaves and how they crunch silently under my soles. I love the crisp breeze stinging my cheeks. I love biting into a ripe, juicy apple as it is, or candied and covered with delicious cinnamon. I love sipping hot herbal tea snuggled in a blanket with a book, or two. I love scary movie marathons and the ghostly feeling lurking in the evening air. I love the foggy mornings where every leaf is a frosted masterpiece. I love burning hot pumpkin spice lattes under cool blue skies. I love cozy scarfs and woolly hats. I love Autumn! I could write on and on, because this is simply my time of the year. I feel alive, inspired, hopeful… and buried in work.

If I have to sum up the blogging world in two words during autumn, they would be pumpkin spice. The moment Starbucks adds Pumpkin Spice Lattes back on the menu, you know fall has arrived in Instagramland district Fashion/Beauty Bloggers. This year MakeUp Geek decided to create something that has been missing in the beauty world for a while (seriously, how come no huge brand has done this before) – a pumpkin spice inspired eyeshadow palette called… you guessed it – Pumpkin Spice. And yes, it landed in my cart pretty much immediately.

The palette is in the brand’s usual 9 pan format with a mix of matte, shimmer and foiled finishes. Only two of the shadows are exclusive to the collection – Jack-O-Lantern and Dreamsicle. The rest are available as singles and are part of the permanent range. The palette actually has two versions and mine is the first. In version two three of the shades were changed – Roulette, Cocoa Bear & Cherry Cola were switched with Cosmopolitan, Sidekick and Bitten. Pumpkin Spice retails for 35$ which is a steal considering the fact that buying the singles separately will cost you a whooping 62$. Each pan of eyeshadow contains 1.8g of product, for a total of 16.2g. It comes down to 2.16$ per gram. I ordered the palette from the brands website, which delivers to Bulgaria, but they ship out if the US, so you have to deal with customs for orders over 30$ including delivery. MakeUp Geek products are available in BeautyBay as well, but I’ve never seen any of the complete palettes on the site.

The packaging is cardboard with magnetic closing and a mirror on the inside. It feels heavy and sturdy. The whole palette is black with the signature rose gold details. The shade names are on the back, which is not ideal, but I can understand, since they simply reused their empty palette packaging and pre-selected the shadows. Speaking of which – on to the shade breakdown & swatches. I will mostly use the color descriptions from MakeUp Geeks website, since they are quite accurate.

*All swatches are made over Urban Decay Primer Potion with Zoeva 234 Smoky Shader. Finger swatches are on the left side. The brush was dry. I use Colour Switch sponge between shades.


Buffed – Peachy tan matte. On my eyes it’s leaning a bit on the grey side. Very soft and pigmented. It’s close enough to my skin color, so I can use it to set my primer.
Early Bird – Pumpkin orange with a matte finish. Easily my favorite shade. Sooo soft and pigmented! Blends like a dream!
Roulette – A rosy, burnt sienna with a silky, shimmery finish. The perfect rose gold color. Works best with a finger or a stiff brush. The pigmentation is very good!
Dreamsicle (EXCLUSIVE) – Soft matte peach. I love this one too. Looks lovely on the eye and the color is so soft and flattering. Again, the matte formula is amazing and this blends just wonderful.
Untamed – Bright warm coppery orange with a foiled finish. There is so much rave about MakeUp Geeks Foiled eyeshadows and the fame is well deserved. Just look at this pigmentation and the buttery formula!
Curtain Call – Foiled cranberry red. Just as ‘Untamed’, a 10/10.
Jack-O-Lantern (EXCLUSIVE) – Bright coral orange matte with a little bit of golden shimmer. This is my only ‘disappointment’. The shade is not as bright as I expected and the formula is just a tad drier than the rest. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a great eyeshadow, but the rest are simply exceptional, so this one just compares badly with them.
Cocoa Bear –  Medium matte reddish brown. Another wonderful soft matte. A pleasure to blend.
Cherry Cola – Deep brown matte with berry undertones. One of the brands most famous eyeshadows and well deserving of its fame. Perfect pigmentation and formula.

Here is the ingredients list. Makeup Geek products are cruelty free and most of them are vegan. You can read more here.

Pumpkin Spice was my first experience with MakeUp Geek eyeshadows and I am veeery pleased. The color selection is beautiful and perfect for the theme, but I would need at least one lighter shade for highlighting to create a complete look with the palette. On my skin colour, ‘Buffed’ is more of a transition shade. I don’t have any problems with the lasting power – I can wear the shadows all day over primer, but I’ve heard other people complain about that (namely Mims from Part Of My World – check out her review here). MakeUp Geeks formula is pretty unique. Don’t get me wrong – the shades are super pigmented and soft, but to be honest I had a little trouble working with them, purely because, I was not anticipating the amount of color and I am very crappy at doing my makeup. If you’re a beginner like me, you have to be careful with how much you pick up, because seriously… let me say it again – they are pigmented! These definitely are professional grade eyeshadows and the quality is worth the price tag. I will, to my poors wallet horror, be buying a lot more eyeshadow from MakeUp Geek for sure! Have you tried anything from the brand? What did you think?

xoxo, Dessie

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