Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette Review

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I’ve decided to start 2018 reviewing all of the past year holiday collections I got my hands on. First in line, of course, is the palette which topped my wishlist the moment I saw it – the one and only ‘Saint & Sinner’ by Kat Von D Beauty. I’ve spent more than enough time in previous posts discussing how Kat is a genius and my favourite makeup creator, but let me just say (for the 100th time, perhaps) that I consider any product, she puts out there, a work of art and this palette is no exception. Inspired by the stained glass windows of cathedrals across Europe, ‘Saint & Sinner’ is a masterpiece.

The palette truly embodies the essence of its inspiration. The ‘Sinner’ side encapsulates the eerie, yet bright and colourful, light streaming through the patterns in the stained glass – red, green, blue, orange and purple framed by black and gold. The ‘Saint’ side represents the inside – the dark ancient wood brown and soft marble beige, the silver and old gold. All of this packaged in a stunning case shaped like a window and showcasing Kats beautiful artwork.

Each side consists of 12 shades for a total of 24 in the palette. There are 12 shimmery, 10 matte and 2 glitter/topper shadows. All of them are named after christian rituals, artefacts and characters. The palette comes with two mirrors on each side and has a magnetic closure. The packaging is sturdy and well made. When it came out, the palette costed 62$ for 24g of eyeshadow coming down to 2.58$ per gram. ‘Saint and Sinner’ was limited edition, but, as Kat Von D Beauty has done with other popular limited edition palettes (‘Metal Matte’ for example), it might reappear in limited quantities later in the year. If you’re in Bulgaria, you can find Kat Von D makeup in Sephora. The official site also offers international delivery and orders to Bulgaria do not get held at customs. Kat Von D beauty is a cruelty free company and this particular palette is vegan, which is why it has a rather short shelf life of 9 months.

As I already mentioned, the palette combines bright and colourful eyeshadows with warm and much more wearable nude hues. Here’s the shade breakdown and swatches starting with the ‘Saint’ side:

*All swatches are made over Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer with Zoeva 234 Smoky Shader. Finger swatches are on the left side. The brush was dry.

Absolution – The first of the two glitter shades in the palette, ‘Absolution’ is a soft white gold. It is very smooth and applies without fallout.

Rapture – A rosy pink glitter. The particles are a bit bigger and there is a lot of fallout.

Worship – Warm shimmery eggplant purple. Buttery and very pigmented.

Immaculate – Gorgeous olive green shimmer. Really smooth and easy to apply. Hands down one of my favourite shades in the palette.

Chalice – Another one of my favourites – ‘Chalice’ is a cool bronze shimmer. Very pigmented, but there is a little bit of fallout during application.

Sacred Heart – Muted coral shimmer. The pigmentation is ok, but the texture is a bit dry.

Amen – Matte light beige. Pretty powdery, but well pigmented. I typically use shades like this for brow and inner corner highlight and this one does the job perfectly.

Sanctuary – Dark taupe brown shimmer. Very pigmented and buttery with no fallout.

Heaven – Another favourite of mine. Silver light grey shimmer. It’s very unique. The pigmentation is amazing and it applies wonderfully. It’s buildable and you don’t have to worry about fallout.

Crucifix – The shade name is spot on. In my imagination, this is exactly the colour of a wooden crucifix – dark matte brown with a bit of red undertones. Not very pigmented, but you can build on it and it blends well. The texture is pretty dry.

Cathedral – Deep metallic grey shimmer. It’s very pigmented, but you have to use your finger or a dense brush for application (unlike the one in my swatches). No fallout with this one as well.

Rosary – Warm red shimmer. Not the best pigmentation when applied with a brush. I would again resort to finger application.

Baptism – Light petal pink matte. Very pigmented and soft. This is the only shade I do not care as much for and think is unnecessary in the palette.

Sabbath – Matte black… called ‘Sabbath’. Never have there been a better eyeshadow name in the history of makeup. The metal fan in me would have bought the palette for this alone. Two words: spot on! The texture is pretty dry, but still blendable. The pigmentation could be better as well.

Ashes –  Definitely my most used shade and once again – the name is perfect. ‘Ashes’ is a light taupe greyish brown matte with gold shimmer particles. It applies beautifully with little to no fallout. Very unique shade.

Martyr – Medium dark brown matte with yellow undertones. Almost mustard-like. Very soft, pigmented and blendable.

Devil – Slightly muted orange matte. Soft and pigmented. Another one of my favourites.

Revelation – Warm medium dark brown matte with golden shimmer. Pretty well pigmented and applies well, but there is a lot of fallout.

Vestment – If I had to pick one shade which has made me buy this palette, it’s this one, from the moment I saw Kat swatching it in the palette reveal video. Cool dark emerald shimmer with dark reddish brown undertones. Absolutely gorgeous. Again – should be applied with a dense brush or finger, but beyond that it’s pigmented and buttery.

Ministry – Another beautifully pigmented shade. ‘Ministry’ is a rich navy blue shimmer. The texture is soft and it applies wonderfully.

Exodus –  A bright matte lime green with golden shimmer. This shade is pretty unique to my collection and I think it’s a great pop of colour in the palette. It’s pretty dry, but applies without fallout and has decent pigmentation.

Exorcism – The only really bad shade in the palette (I’m not a huge fan of ‘Baptism’ as well, but purely because I find it unnecessary). ‘Exorcism’ is a dark cool purple matte. The texture is hard and dry which makes the shadow apply streaky and with a lot of fallout.

Relic – Yellow gold shimmer. Buttery, pigmented and soft. A definite favourite.

Stigmata – Dark orangey red shimmer. The texture is similar to ‘Relic’. I like it, but given its name I sure do wish it was a deeper, blood like red.

Here is the full list of ingredients for the palette:

‘Saint & Sinner’ was a love at first sight for me. My inner goth girl couldn’t pass it, even if my life depended on it. I truly love this palette and do not regret a penny of the money I spent on it. The shadow quality is consistent with the usual we’re used to from Kat Von D palettes, and although there is one dud, I’d say the consistency is near perfect. A lot of people were put off by the layout of the palette and complained of having a hard time creating looks, which I do understand, but for me it’s something I’m willing to forgive given that the end result is truly a piece of art. ‘Saint & Sinner’ is one of the few unique palettes which came out this holiday season and a sound investment. While not necessarily an everyday palette, the possibilities are vast and different. I have only one minor complaint that is, given a chance I’d definitely switch ‘Baptism’ for another transition shade. Still, for me – a lover of cathedrals, Kats unique dark art and an eyeshadow junkie, ‘Saint & Sinner’ is a true gem and I can not recommend it enough.


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