Jeffree Star Cosmetics Androgyny Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches

Whew. Halloween is over. Jeffree & Shane dropped what must be the greatest makeup collaboration of all times. G2 made it to League of Legends Worlds finals by bringing down SKT (Fnatic are forever my favorites, but now Europe has a chance for once!). I am alive. Just barely finding time to sleep, let alone blog or do anything not work/university related. Still, I haven’t given up on my review goal and while I’m waiting for Conspiracy & Mini Contovercy to arrive I’m ready with one more Jeffree Star Cosmetics review.

Today I am taking you back. Waaaaaaaaaay back in beauty history. March 10th 2017. Jeffree was still very much a controversial figure. His brand had only one eyeshadow palette released and (in my opinion) not a very popular one. Enter ‘Androgyny’.

In his videos with Shane, Jeffree mentioned that he considers the ‘Blood Sugar’ launch as the one that made his brand big, successful and recognizable, but for me the ‘Androgyny’ palette was what put Jeffree Star Cosmetics on my wishlist. It was introduced as Jeffree’s version of a neutral eyeshadow palette and it was the first ever grungy rainbow collection I saw. It was love at first sight.

Now perhaps I should elaborate a little here. Even though you have seen quite a number of colourful palettes in the blog and on my instagram, my first introduction to the makeup world were the Fowler Sisters – Elle (AllThatGlitters) and Blair (JuicyStar07) as well as Bubz (BubsBeauty) and Michelle Phan and their reviews and tutorials with Urban Decay’s Naked Palette. Boy how much I wanted this palette and the subsequent Naked 2 and Naked 3. I fell in love with neutral shadows and this love has not died down to this day (so much so, that it prompts a fair amount of teasing from my friends). My current eyeshadow collection still consists of 70% neutral shades, but ‘Androgyny’ was my gateway to the world of colourful eyeshadow. It holds a special place in my heart.

Today it seems crazy to imagine Jeffree releasing a palette with less than 12 shadows, but  ‘Androgyny’ has only 10 – 8 mattes and 2 shimmers. It’s the perfect quintessential grungy rainbow/autumn palette. It has your earthy greens, blues, reds and browns topped with a beautiful gold and bronze. The packaging is a modest (compared to Jeffree’s later releases) thin bright pink rectangle with a large mirror on the inside. It closes with a magnet and feels heavy and well made.

What it lacks in numbers, ‘Androgyny’ makes up in size. The pans are huge – each one is 2.52g making up… yup… 25.2g of eyeshadow in the palette. ‘Angrogyny’ retails for 45$ or 45 Euro on Jeffree’s website, Morphe, Beautylish and Beautybay. The price per gram comes down to 1.78$ or Euro per gram. Listed shelf life is 12 months. ‘Androgyny’ is vegan and cruelty free. Here is the full list of ingredients:

Let’s have a look at the 10 shades in the palette. As always all swatches are made over Urban Decay Primer Potion with Zoeva 234 Smoky Shader. Finger swatches are on the left side. The brush was dry. I use Color Switch sponge between shades.

Frosting – A pale metallic gold. Very soft and gentle. I prefer finger application over brush.
Safe Word – Cool, light brown matte. I am completely in love with this one. It’s the perfect cool toned grayish brown blending shade. No fallout. Super blendable.
Charm – Deep orange matte. Another lovely matte with perfect formula. It’s super pigmented.

Deja vu – A metallic, glittery bronze. One of the softest shimmer formula I’ve ever touched. The pigmentation is out of this world!
Dominatrix – Deep, chocolate brown matte. Super soft and has a bit of fallout, but blends amazingly!

Androgyny – A mauve plum matte. Very unique muted purple matte. Slightly drier, but pigmented and easy to work with.
Fetish – Deep, dark red matte. Very pigmented and intense. Blends beautifully.
Military – Matte military green. The shade is very soft and blendable. For some reason it turns slightly orange when applied, but I still adore it! I have a thing for dirty muted greens.

Poison – A dark teal matte. Slightly drier, but can be layered up. Blends nicely.
Swallow – Dark blue matte. The direst shade in the palette, but the pigmentation is still there. Just seems to be pressed harder then the rest.

My final thoughts – I adore ‘Androgyny’. The formula of the shadows is amazing and is what really distinguished Jeffree Star Cosmetics’s quality back in the day. The shade selection is beyond beautiful. All colours go perfectly together and the palette is very versatile. I know that a lot of people look over ‘Androgyny’ now that the hype about it is long forgotten. On top of that  ‘Blue Blood’, ‘Blood Sugar’, ‘Conspiracy’ etc. cost only 7 dollars more and you get a wider variety of colours. Still this palette holds a special place in my heart and the quality is one of the best out there to this day. I will forever recommend it and I’m glad it’s not discontinued. If you happen to find it on sale, don’t hesitate – it’s worth every penny.

xoxo, Dessie

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