Empties #1

It’s been forever since I’ve posted here (I’m also saying that for the 100th time)!

My best friend has been nagging me (thank God for for annoying best friends <3) to go back to blogging for months now. Truthfully – I’ve never lost the urge to write, but life just seemed way too hectic. I’ve had so much on my mind that I wanted to put into words, but I just didn’t seem to find the time. Turns out the final kick in the butt I needed was seeing Milena’s beautiful blog come to life. If this real life Wonderwoman finds time in her 16-hour workday to sit down and share a little beauty, wisdom and love with the world, so can I!

Today I want to share all the products I’ve used up recently. I’m in the process of a ‘life clean up’ (I’ll talk about that more) right now and a part of it is of course is partially getting rid of the pile of cosmetics and makeup I have lying around.


Aroma Shower Cocktails Shower Gel – Sweet Mojito: For It’s price this was an OK shower gel, but nothing special. I used it in the fitness after a workout and I liked the refreshing scent (my current at fitness shower gel smells like Apricots, and I really miss the fresh feeling), but unfortunately it didn’t linger on my skin after the shower. Repurchase: Probably no.

I love… raspberry & blackberry Shower Scrub: I’m not sure if this was meant as a shower scrub or a shower gel, but either way – I’m not a fan. The consistency was very sticky and it didn’t foam up well. The exfoliating particles are just there for decoration – the amount is way too small to offer any exfoliation at all. The smell was nice  – sort of like bubblegum, but again –  it didn’t linger on my skin at all. Repurchase: No.

Balea Rasiergel – Caribbean Dreams:  A total favorite. I’m on my 5th bottle right now. This is all I want from a shaving foam: dirt cheap and does its job very well: lots of creamy soft foam. I don’t care too much for the scent – I just pick up whatever is available. I use this up fairly quickly (maybe a bottle per month), but as I said it’s very cheap so I don’t think this is a problem. Repurchase: Definitely.

Naturalium Shower Gel & Body Lotion – Peach: These were a great find at Lilly. They are free from parabens, colorants, phthalates and phenoxyethanol. The smell is amazing and stays on for 2-3 hours. The bottles are huge (the shower gel is 500ml) and the prices are great. The body lotion is pretty average – the hydration factor is not that great, but the consistency was nice and it did soak up pretty fast. I have a lot of body products on my hands right now, but I’ll be going back to these in the future for sure. I’m eyeing the melon scent to try next. Repurchase: Yes.


Nashi Pure Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner: I have mixed opinion about these. I have tried the Argan shampoo and conditioner from Nashi and I adored them. These I liked, but it wasn’t the same wow effect and I think that’s because they are not right for my hair type. My hair is not colored (ever) and I don’t use heat tools on it, so clearly these were too strong of a treatment for it. I would like to give them another chance, but only if my hair needs that type of care. I’ll be picking up the Argan series again, though. Repurchase: In a different series.

Garnier Ultra Doux Shampoo & Conditioner – Honey Treasures: Just a regular drugstore shampoo and conditioner. Nothing special or worth mentioning. I’d skip them. Repurchase: No.

Naturalium Shampoo & Conditioner – Mango: This was a let down after the shower gel and the body lotion of the brand. First of all I don’t like the idea of a shampoo and conditioner in one product. For my hair it just doesn’t work, so I used this only as a shampoo. Still, it didn’t foam up well and my hair didn’t feel as clean afterwards (probably because of the conditioner part) and overall I didn’t like the feeling of it. Repurchase: No.

Syoss Restore Deep Repair Balsam:  Again, just a regular drugstore conditioner – only a slightly more expensive one. I’d skip this one as well. Repurchase: No.


Velnea Dry Shampoo: I liked this dry shampoo. It didn’t leave white marks on my hair and gave me lot’s of volume but the only problem was: I used it 3 times and it was gone! Maybe I got a defect one, maybe it’s just smaller amount. I won’t be repurchasing, because, as you probably know by now, Batiste is already available in Bulgaria and I don’t think I’ll be buying another brand of dry shampoo soon. Repurchase: No.

Avon Advance Techniques ‘Protect it’ Heat Protecting Spray:  This did nothing? Or at least it didn’t feel any different with or without it. Wasted money in my opinion. Repurchase: No.


Avene Clean Ac Face Cream: This was prescribed by my dermatologist (along with other medicines) and I’m already using a second tub of it (only I’ve bought the Hydra version). I can see a difference in my skin, but it’s not just the result of this cream. What this does very well is not let my skin to dry out from the other medicines I’m using. It has quite an oily feeling and makes my skin shiny after just half an hour (thank God for powder), but it works. I wear it as a day cream. Repurchase: Already have.

Bioderma Sensibio Micelare Water: Do I need to say anything? A holy grail in the online beauty community and I’m on my third bottle (and I have one as a back up). I’ve compared it only to the micelar water from Avene, but that one irritated my eyes a lot, so I quickly got back to Bioderma (I’m trying to use up the Avene one at my boyfriend place). I don’t wear heavy, waterproof makeup and this works just fine for me. I don’t think I’ll change it soon.  Repurchase: Already have.

Maybelline Collossal Volume Express Mascara: Is it just me or all Maybelline mascaras are the same? I keep buying them, but I fail to find any difference in performance. Anyway I have the newest one currently and I think it does just the same. Repurchase: A different kind.

Nivea Fruity Shine – Pink Guava: I finished a lip balm before losing it! Praise me everyone! This was a decent lip balm, but I’ve had way better. I got tired of the scent pretty quickly and I just wasn’t that impressed. Repurchase: No.

Do you have any different thoughts on these products? Please let me know!

Dessie :)

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