ColourPop 2017 Holiday Collection Review

Let me briefly guide you through the very basic steps of my review process. It all usually starts with me taking photos, especially with palettes I prefer to photograph them all shiny and new. Then I edit the pictures and I might have to retake some, if they didn’t turn out quite the way I’d want them to be. Then I usually test out the product (palettes mostly) for a week or two, by wearing it daily to get a feel of how many looks I can create with it, how well does it wear, does it blend etc. Why am I telling you this? Well I’ve tested almost the whole ColourPop Holiday 2017 collection this past couple of weeks and if you’re someone who knows me personally and has seen me walking around looking like a sparkly snow globe creature with a dark burgundy smoky eye, that’s why.

But hey – here we are today, talking about the holiday collection ColourPop truly outdid themselves with. I liked it so much I bought almost the entire thing – I’m only missing a few lipstick shades and the two highlighters. However, if you’re someone who missed out on these, do not fret – a lot of the holiday items are still available for purchase on

I want to start the review with what I believe was the star of the collection for many people – the ‘All I See Is Magic Palette’. It’s still available on The palette contains 15 shades – 6 mattes and 9 shimmers for a total of 15g of eyeshadow. It retails for 20$ and is permanent. This basically comes down to 1.33$ for a gram of eyeshadow. The palette (as all of ColourPop makeup) is made in U.S.A and is cruelty free.

The whole Holiday 2017 collection came in a really unique light mint green/baby blue packaging with golden details all over. The case of the palette itself is cardboard, but is sturdy and has magnetised closing. I like the fact that ColourPoP make their palettes sleek and small – they do not take up too much space and are travel friendly. The eyeshadow pans may seem tiny at first glance, but as I mentioned, contain 1g of product each – the same size as the ones in Kat Von D ‘Saint & Sinner’ for example. The one thing I’m not a big fan of packaging-wise is the fact that eyeshadow names are printed on the back, but I can live with that. The light colour of the cardboard also makes the palette prone to getting dirty, so keep that in mind. I didn’t find any information regarding shelf life anywhere on the packaging or the web site.

Here’s the shade breakdown and swatches:

*As usual all swatches are made over Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer with Zoeva 234 Smoky Shader. Finger swatches are on the left side. The brush was dry.

Go Wish – Medium warm beige matte. It is soft and easy to work with, good pigmentation, but is pretty powdery. A nice transition shade.

Now and Zen – White gold satin. Applies beautifully with finger or a denser wet brush. The shimmer particles are fine and the texture is smooth. I think you could use this one as a highlighter as well.

11:11 – Warm rosy pink shimmer. The texture is smooth, but to get full coverage and best pigmentation I would opt for a wet brush or finger application, otherwise it’s a bit patchy.

Tinsel Town – Cool berry matte. It’s pretty dry in texture, but rather pigmented. I did not experience any fallout, but had a bit of a hard time blending it out.

Twinkle Toes – Warm brownish dark gold shimmer. Medium amount of fallout when applied with a dry brush, but it’s soft and nicely pigmented. It blends perfectly.

Something Special – Dark warm plum shimmer (it looks a bit brown in my pictures). I’d say the pigmentation is pretty medium with this one. It’s soft and there is fallout during application, but it’s not hard to work with.

Save It For Later – Warm medium-dark gold metallic. My favourite shade – it’s so pretty. It’s pigmented, buttery and applies like a dream.

Big Spoon – Light matte warm peach with golden sparkles. It’s pretty powdery and none of the sparkles remain on the lid after application. I’m not a fan of the pigmentation of this one.

T-Cup – Medium warm mauve matte. Another one I really love. It’s blendable and very soft and nicely pigmented. There is a minimal fallout during application.

Treat Yourself – Very light beige matte with a bit of yellow undertones. Very soft and with decent pigmentation. Wonderful inner corner and brow bone highlight. No fallout.

Top Notch – Warm medium dark reddish brown matte. Very pigmented and blendable. The texture is soft and there is quite a bit of fallout, so you have to be careful during application.

Wishful Thinking – Dark teal shimmer with reddish-brown base. To be honest, it’s a bit dry and I find myself having to go over a couple of times for opaque colour which was a let down. It is a lot better when applied with finger or a wet brush.

Pitter Patter – Medium-dark copper shimmer. Again – a bit dry, but nicely pigmented and soft. Use wet brush or finger for maximum coverage and mind the fallout.

Imperial – Dark orange matte with red undertones. It is decently pigmented and easy to blend. There is quite a bit of fallout, but other than that it’s a nice shade.

Never Never – Cool dark brown shimmer with golden sparkles. There is a lot of fallout, but the shade is pigmented, soft and easy to work with. I do recommend finger or wet brush application.

Here is the back of the palette:

You can read the full ingredients list on the website here.
Although I have three other ColourPoP pressed shadow palettes which await review, this one was my first taste of the pressed shadow formula of the brand and I have to say – I’m pretty impressed. I do not think there are any duds in this palette – some of the shades might lack a bit in pigmentation and texture, but it’s nothing you can not work with. At first I thought I would be able to use this one as an everyday palette, but to be honest most of the looks I created were pretty dark. I’m pleased with the shade selection and the matte-to-shimmer ratio. There are 2-3 transition shades, 2 highlights (a matte and a shimmery one) and enough dark mattes for your crease, making this a nicely balanced palette, even though it leans on the darker side. The shadows wore well over 8 hours on my lids without fading or creasing (over primer of course). Overall I’m very impressed with the quality and the price, so I do recommend you take a look at this beauty if you’re looking to expand your collection with a few darker neutrals and pops of colour.

Following along with my favourite part of the 2017 Holiday Collection – the ‘Dusk ’till Dawn’ Super Shock Shadow Collection Set.
Unfortunately this set and the shades in it were limited edition so I’m not going to go into too much detail. The set contains 6 of the Super Shock Eyeshadows by ColourPop. All of the shades are sheer, shimmers/glitters and generally are eyeshadows you would put over other eyeshadows. The set retailed for 30$ for 12.6g of eyeshadow or 2.38$ per gram. The packaging is a hard cardboard box with slots for each of the individual shades which come in the typical plastic jar packaging we’re used to, but in minty green. I honestly find the cardboard box bulky and unnecessary, unless the idea was to keep the shadows from shattering, which, as you can see from the picture, it didn’t do that well. Problem is, the Super Shock formula is veery soft and this definitely isn’t the first time I’ve received a broken shadow from ColourPoP. Of course repressing it is very easy.

Here are the shadows and swatches. For these I only did finger swatches, because that is the way I usually apply Super Shock Shadows.

Left to right:

New Magic – White base with blue/teal glitter particles. Love at first sight in a jar. Perfect for layering over other shadows, lipstick or eyeliner. Very smooth and stays put after application.

Goodish – Pinky lavender with while and golden glitter particles. Has a minor fallout during wear and it’s not the best when applied with a brush. Still very pretty.

Stargirl – Metallic copper. This one is much more buildable and opaque and can hold on on its own. Still – apply with a finger to avoid fallout.

Half Light – Light plum base with green and gold glitter particles. The star of it all. So unique and beautiful. I really wish ColourPoP would make this and ‘New Magic’ permanent. Very smooth and perfect for it’s purpose.

Babykins – Dark warm plum. Another one which can be worn on its own. You can even use a brush with this one.

Slay Bells – Dark warm brown with golden sparkle. Very pigmented even when applied with a brush. Just lovely.

I love the Super Shock formula from ColourPoP especially with shimmers and metallics. It wears wonderfully on me without any creasing or fading all day. I really like the idea of applying glitter shades over eyeshadow and have been wanting to get the ‘Moondust’ palette from Urban Decay for a while (I do have two Moondust singles), so when this set dropped I just couldn’t stop myself and I don’t regret it at all. If ColourPoP decides to bring these babies back, do get them. They are awesome!

Last but least, the 2017 Holiday collection brought an extensive range of lipsticks of which I barely limited my choice to five.
The holiday lippies came in the typical packaging but with golden top and gold dot details. Now, for some reason, three of my five lipsticks (‘Star Crossed’, ‘Lightweight’ and ‘Flurries’) came with the regular packaging which I do admit was a bit of a let down. I’ve seen other people complain of the same problem. Good news is – all of the holiday lipsticks are still available for purchase and are 6$ each for 3g of lipstick.

Here are the swatches and shade descriptions(left to right – ‘Fingers Crossed’, ‘Imagine’, ‘Lightwight’, ‘Star Crossed’, ‘Flurries’):

Fingers Crossed – Glossy duochrome brown with teal sparkles. My favourite of the four. It’s opaque enough to be worn on it’s own. I’d say it lasts about 1 hour on my lips if I don’t eat or drink. Quite sticky though.

Imagine – Glossy warm red metallic. I imagined (see what I did here, heh) this would be a bit more pink, because it doesn’t look too good on my skin tone. Again – it wears well for an hour, then I have to reapply.

Lightweight – Matte brownish pink. Reminds me of Kat Von D’s ‘Lolita’ but browner. Wears a good 3 hours on me, but the formula is pretty drying. Application is also not my favourite, since it’s quite watery.

Star Crossed – Bright berry red matte. Really love this one. Applies opaque and really embodies the perfect holiday red lip. As the rest of the mattes I get a good 3 hours of wear.

Flurries – Dark mauve pink matte. I like this one as well, but I wish it didn’t dry as dark as it does. Once again, the formula is quite watery, which is a pain during application, but other than that it’s a nice shade.

Whew! This was a long post. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this collection. The eyeshadow palette was a pleasant surprise, the Super Shock set was just as perfect as I imagined and the lipsticks live up to the usual quality of the brand which is pretty good given the price. Good job, ColourPoP, I remain your fateful fan. If you want to get your hands on any of these, ColourPoP does ship to Bulgaria and shipping for international orders over 50$ is free. Do have in mind, that orders are shipped from the US which means that anything over 30$ will get held at customs. Personally I do not find that too problematic, but it adds extra costs. If you’re interested I could do a post in the future explaining how I release orders from customs. leave a comment below if you’re interested and have a very happy Sunday. :)


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