Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette – Review

Happy first review of 2019, dear readers!

I usually set my yearly goals & plan the next year around my birthday on 27th of February, so all of the ‘Last year in a nutshell’ type of posts are still pretty much around the corner for me. I just like to keep track of time this way and I am fully aware that it might not make sense to the rest of the world.
I wanted to start the blog year with a review of something I love and is absolutely gorgeous – the Blood Sugar Palette from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The “Love Sick” collection did come out a year ago, but the palette has consistently sold out every time it has been restocked so far and is very much still the talk of town.

Plus Jeffree just revealed Blood Sugar part two or ‘Blue Blood’ which will be coming out end of March (my wallet is already crying), so I figured it would be the perfect time for a post.


As a person with little to no self control over makeup purchases I ordered the palette from Beautylish on its launch day with the three solid lipsticks from the collection (yes, I’m one of those people who click ‘Buy Now’ the very second a product becomes available). Since then the palette has landed in BeautyBay as well, but as I mentioned, it has sold out pretty fast after every restock. The price of the palette is 52$ in USA and 51,50 euro in Europe. It contains 27 gram of product and 18 shades in matte and shimmery finishes. The price per gram comes down to about 1.93$ or 1.90 euro. As you probably have noticed the pan size is smaller compared Jeffrees previous two palettes and now almost matches the typical eyeshadow pan size we are used to. The packaging imitates a doctors bag with clasps and a mirror on the inside. It’s covered with red faux leather and closes very tightly. It came with a white cardboard sleeve which I kept, because apparently I also hoard makeup packaging. The whole palette is very well made and feels expensive, but is also very heavy and bulky, so that, plus me being scared of even a minor damage coming down upon it, are pretty strong arguments against traveling with it.


In terms of inspiration, Jeffree said in his reveal video that he was inspired by medicine & sweets as he has a sweet tooth. All of the shade names have something to do with either one of the two and also on two of the shades (Prick & Coma) the printed design is changed from the star logo to a syringe and the caduceus (fun fact – this symbol is often confused with the Rod of Asclepius to be associated with medicine). I can’t say that I’m the hugest fan of the topic, because as many other people I hate going to the dentist and the doctor, but the colors in this collection were right up my alley, so the theme didn’t matter as much.

The colors in the palette range from neutrals to pinks, reds and purples. Most of the shades are matte with the exception of Donor, Candy Floss, Sweetener & Blood Sugar. I love the color story. I can easily do an all natural daytime look or go with some crazy dark red eyes. To be honest at first I wasn’t entirely sure I would be able to pull off the reds without looking like I have a severe case of pinkeye, but thankfully all of the shadows are quite cool in tonality and look good on the skin. Here is the shade breakdown and swatches:

*All swatches are made over Urban Decay Primer Potion with Zoeva 234 Smoky Shader. Finger swatches are on the left side. The brush was dry. I use Colour Switch sponge between shades.


Glucose –  A white matte. Very fine and a bit sheer, but layers nicely.
Sugarcane – Matte light pinkish brown. Super pigmented and easy to work with. One of my favorite shades in the palette. It’s a great transition color!
Cake Mix – Medium reddish-brown matte. Again – super pigmented and easy to work with.
Ouch – Medium dark brown with warm undertone. Another great shade in terms of formula. Looks great in the crease for a natural daytime look.
Donor – Bronze shimmer. The formula of this shade is insane. It’s super soft and super buttery. I wish Jeffree would come out with a whole palette of shimmers with this formula!
Intravenous – Deep reddish-brown matte. This one caught me off guard with the amount of pigment, because I’m so used to darker shades being patchy and in need of layering. Not this one.
Candy Floss – Bubblegum pink shimmer. This one is sheerer than ‘Donor’, but I think it was intentional. Still very pigmented and soft.
Tongue Pop – Matte coral. Blends perfectly and has great color payoff.
Sweetener – A gold-coral shimmer. A very unique shade. It looks more gold in the pan, but the coral shift shows up on the eye.
Cavity – Neon pink matte. This one is a teeny tiny bit patchy, but it is expected with this type of colors. It also needs a bit more blending.
0 Positive – Light grayish brown matte. My other favorite transition shade from the palette. It blends beautifully.
Root Canal – True cool toned purple matte. This is definitely the patchiest shade in the palette and needs a lot of work to blend, but is still way above the quality of similar purple mattes I’ve tried in other palettes.
Prick – Reddish-orange matte. A bit dry and sheer, which I also attribute to the fact, that red and purples are notoriously hard to formulate.
Cherry Soda – Cool toned red matte. Also a bit dry, but much more pigmented. Needs quite some blending.
Fresh Meat – Dark cool toned red. I adore this color. The pigmentation is out of this world! There is a bit of fallout when I work with it, but I love it!
Blood Sugar – Reddish-rusty shimmer. The last of the shimmers. Very finely grated and with intense pigmentation.
Extraction – Dark burgundy matte. Also one of the drier ones, but the pigmentation is on point and it blends easily.
Coma – Eggplant purple matte.Comes a bit sheer, but can be layered. Blending takes some work.
Overall I think the quality of the palette is great. One thing I noticed and is pretty weird is that the shadows don’t swatch well with a finger, but perform great with a brush. This might be the reason why Jeffree did not want to swatch them in his reveal video and is definitely something to be attributed to the formula as Blood Sugar is a pressed pigment palette. Not that I mind. The brush performance is what I am looking at, but still, be aware of this when you’re looking at swatches online. The longevity over primer was perfect. I did not observe any creasing or fading in my 10-12 hours of wear. Some of the reddish colors might stain your skin a little bit, but it’s nothing that won’t come off with a second wash. Jeffree Star Cosmetics products are cruelty free and made in USA.
Now, to address some rumors/concerns – apparently in the USA some of the eyeshadows in the palette are not deemed eye safe, because they are formulated with certain red pigments which are not FDA approved. In Europe (where the laws usually are stricter) they are perfectly fine for use. I have not had any trouble, but do keep this in mind if you have sensitivity towards red dyes. Here is the full ingredients list:
As I mentioned, I did also get the three solid lipsticks which came with the Love Sick collection, so I figured I might throw in my opinion of them as well.
Let me begin by saying that Jeffree Star Cosmetics has the best solid lipstick formula I have ever tried. The Love Sick collection added three more colors to the shade range:  ‘Calabasas’ –  medium warm brown, ‘Sinister’ – dark plummy purple & ‘Androgyny’ – medium greyish-brown.
(BTW, poor ‘Calabasas’ is in this state, because I can’t open lipsticks…)
Each lipstick contains around 3.55 grams of product and costs 18$.
All of the shades are cremes and do not dry completely matte. The formula is quite drying, but is very long-lasting (which is why I love it so much). The lipsticks apply in one to two opaque layers. I’m usually using a lip brush to be more precise with application (cause I suck at applying lipstick, heh heh). I’d say they all smell slightly like something sweet/baby powder, but it’s nothing overpowering. The packaging is in the signature super awesome bullet form, but is in red chrome instead of pink. The colors compliment the Blood Sugar Palette perfectly.
Bottom line – the Love Sick collection held number one in my heart in terms of Jeffree Star Cosmetics products  for a long time and is still pretty high up. That was until recently when Holiday 2018 blew me away and I bought almost everything… just…  aliens… I couldn’t stop myself. I love the quality and the shade range of both the palette and the lipsticks and can happily recommend them to anyone. The price point is well deserved. Out of all palettes from the brand I believe Thirsty and Blood Sugar are the two that would appeal to most people as they offer both colorful and neutral shades, so they are a good introduction to the brand and makeup as a whole. As for Blue Blood – me and my wallet are ready for March 29th.
xoxo, Dessie

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