LASplash Cosmetics Classic Horror Collection Review & Swatches

Happy belated Halloween, beautiful ghouls & goblins!
We are orthodox christians here in Bulgaria and do not recognise Halloween as an official holiday, but in the last couple of years the general population started realising how much fun they are missing, so the jack-o-lanterns per capita have been steadily increasing every 31st of October. Mostly there are parties popping up here and there and stores are using the idea as promotional tool, but nevertheless – the spooky spirit is in the air. We actually have a somewhat similar tradition in our culture – the so called Kukeri. Do look them up, they are quite unique.

Naturally being a horror movie fan since middle school, I’ve loved and celebrated Halloween long before it became popular in my small country (let me have my hipster moment…). Actually, the person who really sparked my interest in the holiday was James Rolfe or the AVGN (‘Angry Video Game Nerd’). To be honest, AVGN created and moulded the geek in me in general, but I would need another blog post to explain how much I love James and how he introduced a young Dessie to the worlds of video games, board games and (mostly) horror movies. Every October he does a series of short movie reviews called ‘Monster Madness’ where he focuses on classic, genre-defining movies and explains how and why they changed cinema for decades to follow. I can not recommend his videos enough, as a filmmaker he has a unique view and has helped me develop my taste in cinema a lot (btw, he also does non-horror reviews, if that’s not your thing). Watching ‘Monster Madness’ is as much of an October tradition for me as I believe pumpkin carving and trick or treating is for other people.

This year, just in time for Halloween, LASplash Cosmetics released their Classic Horror Collection volume two. Volume one came out some years ago and included 8 liquid lipsticks inspired by the Golden Age of Horror. With the addition of volume two, the range was expanded with an eyeshadow palette and of course – I had to get it. It combines bright colours with classic horror movie monsters I’ve come to love through Jameses videos. To put it in simpler words – my love for horror and my love for makeup had a beautiful child.

Right off the bat, let me just say that the packaging for the whole collection is gorgeous! I was actually looking for the name of the artist behind it, but couldn’t find it. Nevertheless he/she has created one of the most awesome and accurate (to the age it tries to represent) makeup packaging artwork I’ve ever seen! It looks so much like a classic horror movie poster. Bravo! Also kudos to LASplash for coming up with the whole collection idea, it’s the best Halloween collection in years!
Now that I’ve said that… I might have some not so nice stuff to follow.

Let’s start with the palette. It contains 10 colourful matte eyeshadows, with 1g of product each for a total of 10g. The palette retails for 23.50 Euro on Beauty Bay and 27$ on the brand’s website, so the total comes down to 2.35 Euro or 2.70$ per gram of eyeshadow. To put it in perspective – this is almost double the price of ColourPop eyeshadows. The packaging is made out of cardboard and has a small mirror. It closes nicely and feels light, but secure. The inside is holographic.

Here is the shade breakdown and swatches:

*All swatches are made over Lorac Behind The Scenes Eye Primer (I ran out of my Too Faced one) with Zoeva 234 Smoky Shader. Finger swatches are on the left side. The brush was dry. I use Colour Switch sponge between shades.

Toxic – Neon cold yellow. Oxidizes a lot on my skin and does not go as bright. The shade is quite hard and chalky, but can work. The pigmentation is pretty low.
Psycho – Light pumpkin orange. Easily my favourite shade, although it is rather dry. It layers ok and blends nicely.
Madness – Light mossy green. A bit dry, but as ‘Psycho’, performs ok on the eye with a bit of layering.

ZomBae – Neon cool toned pink. First off – kudos for the name. It’s probably not a reference to Mikey from Glam & Gore (who I adore!) but still makes me smile. Sadly that’s the only nice thing I can say for this colour. Very hard and with zero pigmentation. Pretty much unusable.
Nightmare – Warm light burgundy (does not show ok on my swatch). This one was a disappointment. I really liked the colour and the name as it reminded me of Freddy Krueger and ‘The Nightmare on Elm Street’, but it just doesn’t perform well. The pigmentation is not there and the shadow is dry and hard to blend. More so, I think it kind of irritated my eyes? They felt weirdly itchy and I’ve never had this with another eyeshadow. I tried it twice and had the same effect, but I did wear it all day and besides the discomfort had no other reaction. Weird.
13th – Warm rusty red. I’d say the pigmentation is quite ok and it applies well, although it’s a bit dry.

Curse – Muted turquoise. Soft and pretty pigmented for a matte shade. Can be built up, but goes on patchy.
Blue Moon – Neon electric blue. The shade is awesome, I don’t own anything like it, but the pigmentation is not quite there. Other than that, it is soft, blends ok and is buildable. I do feel like the colour oxidizes a little bit, but it might be just my primer.

VooDoo – Blue toned purple. This one is a complete dud. Very hard, chalky and with zero pigment.
Lights Out – Dark grey-black. It’s pressed very lightly and the fallout is heavy. I’d say the pigmentation is around the mid point – pretty patchy, but buildable.

Below is the full ingredients list. LaSplash Cosmetics is a cruelty free brand and manufactures its products in the USA. The shelf life of the palette is 2 years.

On to the liquid lipsticks. As I mentioned there are 8 shades and I want to have all of them, but for now I got my hands on three: ‘Warewolf’ – a cool toned grey, ‘Creature’ – a blue/purple and ‘Dracula’ – deep blood red. All of the lipsticks are quite pigmented – I had to do just one to two layers to get an opaque coverage. The consistency is close to Kat Von D’s Everlasting Lip Colours and they have a very light minty smell. Lasting power is a good 3 to 4 hours on me if I don’t eat.

Swatches left to right – ‘Creature’, ‘Dracula’, ‘Warewolf’. Overall – pretty great lipsticks with a pretty affordable price – 11,50 Euro per piece. There was a slight buzzkill, however… ‘Warewolf’ came without an applicator on its wand. I don’t know if this is common, but it’s not cool. I will have to figure out a way to stick a brush in there… or just get a new one… so yeah…

My final thoughts on the collection are pretty mixed. I adore the concept and the artwork. The colour selection in the palette is great, but the shades do not perform good enough. Still you can make them work. I found that not setting my primer did help the eyeshadow to stick a little bit better, but they still require a lot of work and some of them (‘Zombae’ & ‘VooDoo’) are completely unusable in my opinion. You can pretty much dupe the palette with NYX Ultimate Brights for 2/3 of the price and the quality is pretty comparable. I can recommend the lipsticks. I think they have really unique colours and perform perfect for the price. I haven’t seen anyone complain about a similar problem (missing applicator) with ‘Warewolf’, so I think it’s safe to say that this was just my luck. I definitely want to buy the rest of the shades in the range. The palette, while I don’t regret getting, purely for the packaging, I would skip buying if you’re looking for bright eyeshadows. This simply is not the best you can get for the price…

                                                                                              xoxo, Dessie

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