This & that #1

I couldn’t quite think of a right name for this series of posts. I settled for “this & that”, because I’ve decided to put into words my colorful and weird daily life and it seemed most fitting to describe the collection of my favorite things, events, places, people and a whole lot of other random thoughts.

Here’s what I’ve had on my mind lately:

  1. I moved in with my boyfriend officially (one thing less in my bucket list for this year). We were lucky and everything happened really fast. Our original plans failed (turns out it was for the better), so we started looking for a place to live as close to our mutual workplace as possible. We found the perfect little apartment on the second day of looking. It’s cozy and bright. Moving was… tough. I had a hard time contemplating just how many belongings two people can have. Of course as a grown, independent adult I called my mom for help and we were able to clean and organize most of the stuff in just two long, exhausting days. We still have work to do – a list of things to buy from IKEA, my pile of books, Georgi’s sports equipment… The important thing, though, is that we’re finally together and we’re happy!
  2. Speaking of the man in my life – he has been on business trips a lot lately. We’ve been hardly in the same time-zone (:/), but we figured out how to share our day with each other – Snapchat stories (plus a whole bunch of messages of course). Fun and easy. BTW, I’ve shared my Snapchat profile in the blog sidebar as well.
  3. I was sick and got a couple of days off work, so I ventured into reading. I’ve added a banner linking to my 2016 Goodreads reading challenge. I’m working on a few book reviews.
  4. I’m training and I’m getting better at it. I can feel the stress of future exams and projects slowly creeping behind the stress of my everyday work and I’m pushing it back with running shoes and music.

What have you been up to lately?



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