My holiday & a short update

Ooops, I did it again! (to be read with Children of Bodom cover version voice and not Britney’s overly sugared timbre) – I’ve been gone for a good few months. TL;DR: exams, vacation and more exams. As for anyone up for the longer version and a piece of the beauty that is my homeland, please read ahead.

I will not go into much detail about my university life, but I’ll say that I’m now officially a bachelor in Computer Sciences. I’ve applied for a few masters programs and I’m waiting for the results. Keep your fingers crossed! I plan a more lengthy update post soon. Also, stay tuned for my next blog post, as I have someone I want you to meet. :)

As for today I will share with you a few glimpses of my summer holiday here in the beautiful Bulgaria.

I was to spend one week with my mom and dad and one week with my friends and beloved Georgi. Me and my parents were staying in Chernomorets. The first day was lovely – warm sand, warm water, gorgeous blue sea. Until we went back to the hotel, I had kidney crisis, got admitted to the hospital and spend the rest of the week either there or running around getting tested. Yay! When we got home to Sofia I was on the fence about leaving with my boyfriend for another week (especially when it turned out I’ve been treated for the wrong thing in the hospital all along and was still not well), but the doctor (thank God I’ve found him) sent me a way with a bag full of antibiotics and pain killers. So the second half of my holiday was spend enjoying myself, hurting, drinking what seemed like an ocean of water and being cut off the necessities – coffee and green tea. You know what – it was one of the best holidays of my life!

We actually spent two more days in Ravda last month, because we attended Summer Chaos Festival and saw the Prodigy and Bullet for my Valentine live.


Homemade lemonade on the beach // The wonderful “Gradina” beach (We spent most of our time on the beaches south of Bourgas – Smokinya, Kavaci and Gradina) // The beach bag essentials and me


The goofs. :)


A wonderful sea food restaurant we had dinner in. The place is called “Dalyana” and is just outside of Otmanli. The view is stunning!



Veleka beach, Sinemorets.


A cute little buddy which came to snuggle and delicious homemade elderflower lemonade.


The place where Veleka river flows into the Black sea.


My new favourite place on the earth.




On the last day we went to Rezovo and the most south-eastern point of the European Union.


If you ever happen to go there, make sure to pass through the village and stop for a pancake. They are amazing!


We spent another extended weekend in Ravda for Summer Chaos Festival 2016 and stopped by Nesebar for lunch and a short walk.


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