About Me

Hi there!
I’m Dessie, a 25-year-old girl living in Sofia, Bulgaria. Here’s the top ten things you might want to know about me:

  • I can never get tired of nature and exploring the world in all of it’s glory. Travelling is treasure. History is fascinating.
  • Nerdiness flows through me. I spend half of my life on the internet. Give me anime, manga, video games, movies, esports, Formula 1 and science fiction.
  • I adore music. It’s air, food and water.
  • Books are the best thing in the world and I’m a devoted bookworm ever since I learned how to read. My collection is ever-expanding and eventually I will run out of living space.
  • I love my dog. I love all dogs.
  • I’m a beauty enthusiast and a self-diagnosed eyeshadow hoarder (running out of living space – reason #2).
  • I have a full time job and i’m doing my masters degree. I also don’t sleep a lot.
  • I think words can save the world, happiness is in the small stuff and all good deeds, no matter the size, make a difference.
  • The dark: horror movies, scary stories, dark places, metal, black clothes, spikes, the rebellious spirit,  and the bad ass attitude. The light: theatre, classic novels, art, manners, hard work, heels, dresses, gentle jewellery, elegance, intelligence. I’m forever trying to balance them out.
  • My sense of humour consists of puns, self irony, sarcasm and inappropriate jokes. It’s interesting.

Now that we’ve covered that and you’re hopefully still reading, here’s some useful information if you’re reading my reviews:

  • My skin type is combination/oily – oily T-zone and dry cheeks/eye area. My skin gets drier in winter.
  • I have long, fine, thick hair. It’s rather dry.
  • The skin on my body is normal, leaning towards dry.

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