2020 Check-In

I’m alive. Should be good enough of an update given the world we live in. This year went by extremely fast and extremely slow at the same time. None of the plans I made came to fruition, but then again – how do you plan for times like these? How can you anticipate all thisRead more

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Androgyny Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches

Whew. Halloween is over. Jeffree & Shane dropped what must be the greatest makeup collaboration of all times. G2 made it to League of Legends Worlds finals by bringing down SKT (Fnatic are forever my favorites, but now Europe has a chance for once!). I am alive. Just barely finding time to sleep, let aloneRead more

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette – Review

Welcome dear readers, to the one and only – month of Jeffree Star Cosmetics reviews! Ta daaaaa! (que “I’m blue da ba dee da baa…” in the background) I have not one, not two, not three but four unreviewed Jeffree Star Palettes, and this month/month and a half I’m gonna dedicate my eyelids to theRead more