Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette – Review

Welcome dear readers, to the one and only – month of Jeffree Star Cosmetics reviews! Ta daaaaa! (que “I’m blue da ba dee da baa…” in the background)

I have not one, not two, not three but four unreviewed Jeffree Star Palettes, and this month/month and a half I’m gonna dedicate my eyelids to the makeup gods & review all of them, so that you can make informed decisions with your purchases unlike yours truly – the makeup hoarder. Over the course of the month in addition to this review, I’ll write about the Androgyny, Alien & Jawbreaker palettes. Given my blog post frequency I am undertaking quite a bold task here, so let’s see how it goes.

It’s pretty obvious, but to kick-off the review month, today we’re looking at Blood Sugars icy big sister – the ‘Blue Blood’ palette from earlier this year. I guess the idea of the whole Blue Blood collection was to be the cooler, bluer continuation of the ‘Love Sick’ launch for last years Valentines Day. It included the palette, new liquid lipstick shades, liquid frosts, a mini liquid lipsticks set, new flavours of sugar lip scrubs & lots & lots of merch all in various shade of you guessed it – blue. This time around I miraculously limited myself only to the eyeshadow palette – whew.

The palette, just like ‘Blood Sugar’, features 18 eyeshadows & pressed pigments with matte & shimmery finishes. The colours range across blue, mint and purple . The shadow size is 1.5 grams for a total of 27 grams in the palette. Blue Blood retails for 54 euros in BeautyBay or 52 dollars in BeautyLish, Jeffrees website & Morphe. The price per gram of eyeshadow comes down to 1.97 dollars or 2 euros.


The packaging is big rectangular cardboard box imitating a blue coffin. It closes with a bluish metal clasp and has a nice big mirror on the inside. To be honest… I find it tacky and over the top, but then again it’s Jeffree, so what else was I expecting. My main gripe is the bulkiness of the whole thing. ‘Blood Sugar’ was bulky, but man, this is huge! Although, with the colours being low key crazy I don’t think I’m taking the palette on a trip with me anyway. I also don’t feel the packaging as heavy/expensive or as sturdy as the previous palettes from the brand. I’m glad Jeffree went back to normally sized simple square cardboard for ‘Jawbreaker’. The limited space in my makeup drawer is thankful. Shelf life is 12 months.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is a cruelty free brand manufactured in the USA. Blue Blood is a vegan product. Here is the full ingredients list:

As I mentioned, the palette consists of 18 shades – 12 mattes and 6 shimmers/metallics. Here is the shade breakdown & swatches:

*All swatches are made over Urban Decay Primer Potion with Zoeva 234 Smoky Shader. Finger swatches are on the left side. The brush was dry. I use Colour Switch sponge between shades.

Cullinan – Metallic icy white – Has a bit of fallout, but otherwise it’s a beautiful highlight and applies nicely.
Mintea – Mint matte – A bit dry, but packs very well and is blendable. There is fallout, but given the lightness of the shade I don’t find it problematic.
Crystal Flesh – Metallic champagne – I looove this one. Soft, buttery and perfect. Don’t know how Jeffree decided to include it in a blue palette, but it’s a beautiful champagne, that looks amazing over the lid.
Power – Slate grey matte with a blue undertone – Pretty dry and densely packed. It’s salvageable, but not what I expect from Jeffree.
Blue Blood – Baby blue matte – Same consistency as ‘Mintea’. It’s easily buildable and I’ve used it in a few looks. The design is very cute and it’s a pretty unique shade.
Deceased – Metallic azure blue – Don’t let the swatch fool you, this one is great! It’s a densely packed shimmer, so I recommend finger application, but boy this is a beautiful colour…
Wealthy – Light nude matte – The perfect primer setting shade. It’s super close to ‘Vanilla’ by Wet’n’Wild. The consistency is soft & pigmented.
Celebrity Skin – Soft brown matte – I’m so glad they made the lipstick shade into an eyeshadow, because it’s such a gentle pretty nude. Again very soft and pigmented. A beautiful eyeshadow.
Entitled – Metallic teal with glitter reflects – A soft shimmer with gorgeous scattered glitter particles. Applies wonderfully with zero fallout. Do use your finger, though.
I’m Cold – Powder blue matte – A bit dry, but I can live with it. Again, needs layering to show up, but blends well.
Untouchable – Peachy pink matte – The dryness of this one kind of took me by surprise, because it’s a pink… but I guess pastels are just hard to do. Shows up with a few layers.
Priceless – Peachy nude matte – This one doesn’t show up in the swatch, because it’s super close to my skin colour, but it’s a nice soft pigmented matte.
Icy Tray – Metallic pale blue – My absolute favorite shimmer of the palette. No fallout. Amazing pigment. One of a kind colour.
Blue Monday – Cobalt blue matte – Sort of dry, but layers and blends great. It looks almost electric purple in real life, it’s so bright. This and the next one are super unique shades. I’ve never seen anything like them. Kudos to Jeffree and team. I also love the name & design.
Flourishing – Neon teal matte – The swatch does no justice to this babe. My favourite matte in ‘Blue Blood’. Not the perfect consistency and there is a tiny bit of fallout, but man the colour!
Ocean Ice – Metallic sapphire with glitter reflects – Super soft & pigmented, but the glitter particles are big, so brush application is pretty much out of question even if it’s wet. Done with a finger it looks amazing!
Cremated – Cool green matte with grey undertones – Very pigmented, but on the drier side. I love the colour – it’s sort of a grungy grayish green.
Undertaker – Deep blue matte – The best pan design in the palette. The consistency is much like ‘Cremated’. It blends a bit hard.

Remember how in my last Jeffree Star Cosmetics review I complained of not being exactly sure if I could pull off the crazy reds from Blood Sugar… fast forward to me buying an almost entirely blue palette a year later. I’ve been growing. Not gonna lie to you, this is not an everyday palette and it’s definitely not trying to be one either. That being said, even for a blue palette – it is blue. Kudos to Jeffree for not chickening out and creating yet another neutral palette with two or three pops of blue. There are neutrals in Blue Blood, but they are truly there to compliment & blend out the real stars of the show. I like the colour scheme and it is unlike anything I own (trust me I own a lot of stuff). Is this palette for someone just starting out with makeup or a fan of natural neutral makeup – no. Do you need 10+ shades of blue in your collection unless you’re a makeup artist – also no. But we’re the crazy makeup collectors, reviews, lovers & so on and these stuff never really stopped us… which is why the palette sold out almost immediately.

My final thoughts are a bit mixed. To be honest I was expecting some dry colours, because blues are notoriously hard to formulate, but I did not expect the neutrals to be dry. Don’t get me wrong, the colours perform, it’s just not Blood Sugar level of softness & blendability for 100% of the shades. That being said ‘Ocean Ice’, ‘Icy Tray’ & ‘Crystal Flesh’ blew me away! Just wow!
I am not the hugest fan of the packaging concept, but I like the names & the cute designs on some of the shades (‘Undertaker’ is bomb). The colours work well together, but are not what I would wear every day (duh). Do I recommend it? Yes and no. No, if you’re starting out with makeup, wear mainly neutrals or want to try Jeffree Star eyeshadow for the first time – I recommend his other palettes. Yes, if you’re a makeup artist, creator & a true hoarder like myself.

xoxo, Dessie

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