2020 Check-In

I’m alive.

Should be good enough of an update given the world we live in. This year went by extremely fast and extremely slow at the same time. None of the plans I made came to fruition, but then again – how do you plan for times like these? How can you anticipate all this chaos?

I feel like I’m not the same person who wrote my new years resolutions for 2020. We have entirely different lives and priorities. It’s not bad. I grew up. I changed.

As for the blog and what will happen to it… It will change too. I’m no longer interested in looking as close to perfect as possible, having curated Instagram feed, counting engagement and reading social media growth articles. It’s not why I started. I just loved to write. I still love to write. The old direction just does not entirely appeal to me anymore. I still like colorful eye shadows, but I work from home now and the makeup drawers stay mostly closed. Other things make my soul happy and that is what I seek now. I realized anything worth having is earned with a lot of work. I’ve became pickier with what and whom I devote my time to, what will make me happy for a brief and passing “now” and what will give me a peace of mind for the longer “everyday”. I’m still learning. I’m not there yet and I’ll likely never will be, but being who you are is a process, not a place.

With that, from now on me and my the blog will just focus on “happy”. Sometimes “happy” is an eye shadow palette, sometimes “happy” is an year long project at work, sometimes “happy” is your first batch of cinnamon rolls, sometimes it’s laughing with friends at your D&D session or beating each others ‘Ring Fit’ records, sometimes it’s that cake your mom used to make for all of your birthdays. It’s not permanent. Apparently you have to look for it every day, so that’s what I want to do. I’d be honored if you join me for the ride. See you soon!