This & that #2

The few weeks after my previous post in that topic have been pretty eventful. So much happened (good and bad), that I’m having a hard time remembering it all. Also, believe it or not – it’s June already. Half of 2016 is gone. I feel like I have so much to do! Here’s what has been on my mind lately:

  • I started the “100 days of productivity” challenge. I’m working on a series of posts explaining it and tracking my progress here on the blog, but you can also see how I’m doing daily on my Snapchat or my tumblr.
  • I’ve invested in a softbox, reflectors and tri-pod for my camera. I’m not sure how much of a difference you can see in my pictures (my last post was made using them), but let me tell you – it is SO MUCH easier to take pictures now!  I don’t know why I waited so long to get a tri-pod. I’m never parting with it!
  • I’ve been reading the “Chicken soup for the soul” series a lot lately. Although it is not recommended to read a whole book of the series at once (on the contrary – you should go back to it when you need it) I somehow managed to finish almost two of them pretty fast(and cry a lot in the process). I highly recommend these books. They are inspiring, motivational and bring a lot of hope into your life.
  • I’ve been meaning to try yoga for a while. I knew that there are classes at my workplace, but I never found the courage to visit one of them (I’m too shy). Thankfully, last month there was a free demonstration for newbies like me and finally I gave it a try. It was wonderful! I’ve been going to morning practices, twice a week, ever since.
  • I went of a 10 day holiday in Italy! It was amazing – I have so much to share and tell! I’ll probably do 2 or 3 posts about it. All I can say now is: I definitely plan to go back.
  • I’ve wanted the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes for a while (the original & Semi-Sweet), but the price has always stopped me. That is until I saw Sweet Peach. I went straight to Sephora, but it wasn’t available yet so I got the Semi Sweet instead and decided to wait until it comes out. Then I went to Italy, saw it in Florence and could not stop myself. However at this point I already wanted the original and the Chocolate Bon Bons too (because I’ve already swatched and seen them a couple of times), so I got them when I came back. Now I have four gorgeous, lovely smelling, pigmented eyeshadow palettes and a boyfriend who is still debating my sanity. #worthit

What about you? What’s on your mind lately?

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